The Components of #Never.

1. Her relationship with the truth.

This is the most advanced country that’s ever been. But a lot of it remains old-fashioned. There are churches and scout troops and grandmothers who show their love for you by suggesting that you tell the truth. And live it. And be it.

Americans have elected liars often, often suspecting they were. Notably, within the last century, Wilson, Harding, Roosevelt, Johnson, Nixon. the Bushes, Mr. “Keep Your Doctor.”

Lacking moral integrity does not mean you must lose. Still, many Americans take the truth seriously.

They’ll say Never.

2. A sense of history.

Many want to see a woman president. Many are horrified that it might be this woman. We have just had our first African-American president. But it wasn’t Jackson and it wasn’t Sharpton, was it? Maybe having the right one (comparatively) is more important than having the first one.

3. A sense of sisterhood.

Do American women actually want a female who attacks women after her husband rapes them? Tries to shut them up, shut them down, make them live in fear?

4. Her health.

Meds and clever doctors can make the sick seem well. For awhile. Maybe ‘til November. But Never Hillary precedes Stumbling Hillary (it’s an add-on).

5. An aversion to hearing her voice and seeing her face for even more years?

Whoever gets The Job is going to be in your face every damn day.

Like a hair shirt. Is enough enough, already?

6. Her insatiable greed for money.

Has thirty years of that –from Cattle Futures to stealing White House furniture to the Clinton Foundation slush fund– become, finally, a straw too much?

7. Anything else?

We’ll know soon enough

Does the Constitution give us any guidance in #Neverland?

Only a sense that, somehow, it’s watching.

The Job 10.1.16