The Government Of The United States Vs The People Of The United States

Do not confuse government with people.

People create government because people want things that require organization: roads and armies and schools and space programs, things you can’t do on your onesies.

Government is made to serve people.

The government sometimes forgets that.

How do you know when government goes off the people track? Look at it. Look at Illinois, California, Michigan, where the government colluded with unions. The unions brought the government enough votes to stay in power. The government, in turn, gave union members outlandish pension guarantees. Correctional officers (hacks) in California have pensions as high as nine grand a month…forever. On these notes the government signed your name.

Do not confuse government with elected officials. You are governed by writers, media, preachers, The Ivy League, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Hollywood, (the perfect movie governor: HAL9000) . You are governed by the Haves, those in place, the privileged.

They seem so diverse, the people and institutions so fully committed to crushing Mr. Trump. From the far, far left –Bernie Sanders, Mother Jones, New York Times, Obama, et alia- to the near near right –Kristol, The Bushes, Romney, George Will, McCain- to the deep deep middle –The jumpship Republicans, the aw shucks who knows?, the innocent bystanders. They seem so diverse. But are they? Do they have anything in common?

They’re all members of the governing class.

What’s the Constitution have to say about that?

That document is the result of getting rid of the governing class.

The job 8.15.16

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