The Net Worth Of The American Black Family Is A 2009 Toyota Camry.

Seven Grand.

That’s all they got. The white family has sixteen times as much.

Facts don’t care whether you face them or turn away. Either way, the fact remains. It’s not going anywhere. And if you try to explain it away, you’ll sound like a fool.

How is that possible? Are black people stupid, or what? That fact is that any race with Julian Bond, Thomas Sowell, Louis Farrakhan, James Meredith, Angela Davis, Richard Pryor, Malcolm X, Tony Dungy, Mary Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Walter Williams, Nina Simone, Spike Lee, Gordon Willis, Jackie Robinson; Denzel, Will, Samuel Jackson and Sammy Davis, Jack Johnson, Pauls Winfield and Robeson, Tiger, Eddie Murphy, Ed Brook, Harry Bellafonte, Don King, Arthur Ashe, Althea Gibson, Bob Gibson, Michael Jordan, Marty King, Whoopie Goldberg, Lou Ritter, (this could go on for days….) is not a stupid race. Though, like the White race and the Asian race they may have stupid people in it.

Well, if they’re not stupid, maybe they’re lazy. Tell that to Evander Holyfield, The Tuskegee Airmen, those who built the White House and the White South, to the millions of black guys and gals who will work beside you til one of you drops. And it won’t be the black guy or gal.

If they’re not stupid and they’re not lazy, maybe they just don’t have the spirit, the zen?

You kidding? Have you been to an AMA Church? Or a Black high school basketball game? Or a march on Washington or Montgomery?

These are electric people.

How’d they get there? Who handed them the keys to the 2009 Toyota and said: “Be thankful for it. It’s what you and your family are worth.”

Who remarked: “Remember Black People, you live in a racist country that once counted you as 2/3rds of a white person politically?”

The same people that have made you 1/16th of a white person economically.

So how did it happen?


Has there ever been a people led worse?

Here’s what you do: stop the next person you see on the street and ask: “Can you name some famous Black Africans?” Nelson Mandela and maybe Desmond Tutu and Idi Amin? It’s amazing if they get to 3.

Then ask the next guy: “Can you name some famous African Americans. Amazing if they stop at 300.

And they did all that great stuff with the deck stacked horribly against them.

That’s why a true America means silver wings for black people. Look how much they’ve done in an untrue America.

The Constitution have anything to say about black people?

It says there aren’t any.

The Job 8.30.16