The Political Deflowering Of Marjorie Margolies

Name ring a distant bell?

She was a congresswoman representing the skirts of Philadelphia. She had won the seat by promising –like Bush the elder– no new taxes.

In Clinton’s first term the democrats made a money grab and they needed her one vote to pull it off. Even though it made her a liar, she went along. The cable channel dedicated to smut –C-Span– carried the whole thing live. They oiled her up, pushed her down the aisle, and had their way with her. As she cast the deciding vote the republicans sang: ”na na na nah, say bye”. The democrat party got the tax hike.

She got the same thing for lying the elder Bush did: loss of office.

In the next election the democrat party lost the house for the first time in forty years.

Still wandering the desert in the land of Duh.

They repeated the same mistake with Obamacare. They passed it without one from the other half voting for it.

In the next election they lost the House, again.

In the Imperial City everyone is smart. No one is wise. They think nobody’s watching? Don’t they know that when something is passed by brute force –not one vote from the other half– you haven’t really passed a damn thing? All you’ve done is guarantee conflict continues. Your going around is their coming around.

In a similar way, Roe v. Wade.

Abortion is a problem that will never be solved. To some it’s murder most foul, the murder of the youngest and most helpless. To others, it’s slavery: You don’t own my body. I do. How dare you force me to bear this parasite for near a year?

The Supreme Court, in a moment of supreme idiocy, made a decision that favored one side over the other.

You see what’s happened since.

In doing the Job it is often folly to solve problems by power alone. That’s what dictatorships are.

Wonder if Trump knows that.

The Job 12.15.16