The Vietnam Campaign — Hard Ceilings

Has either candidate been over fifty percent?

Doesn’t feel like they have. Doesn’t feel like they will. Of course, anything can happen. A stroke, A Hinckley, a Game Changer. But, short of proof of cannibalism, will any revelation change this game?

Doesn’t feel like it will. Even cannibalism can be can be defended as a traditional American value. “In the proud footsteps of the Donner Party and the Whalers of Nantucket…”

What do you do? You push the opponent down. The campaigns think it’s about attrition, like Vietnam. But Vietnam wasn’t about attrition. If it had been, the US would have won. We didn’t. We won something more important: We won the movies.

With nine weeks to go, Rodham –Clinton still has a floating lead in the polls and a dramatic lead in the money poll. She’s still a 1–3 favorite, he’s still a 3–1 dog. She wants to run out the clock then turn it over to the greatest GOTV machine that’s ever been.

Is that how you’d play it? (every person reading this is a campaign director).

The gates have opened. The race is on. As they head into the backstretch Trump is four lengths back.

What kind of closer is he?

He goes to Mexico tomorrow. Quirky.

Have you ever seen a map of Mexico from 1826?

What a big country it was!

Today, half of it is protected by the American Constitution.

The Job 9.1.16