Undecided In Never-Never Land

Last time, one hundred and thirty million American’s voted. A little more than half who could.

This time? It doesn’t figure to be much different.

Of the voters to come, how many do you figure are Never Trump? Never Hillary? The Nevers are unusually intense this year. But if half are in Never Land, that leaves half who aren’t. Many are undecided, even at this point.

How’s that possible? After the avalanche of data we’d had, how can people not know who they’re voting for?

Who are these guys? What do they want?

What do they need to know that they don’t know now?

Compubox totals.

They’re waiting, watching to see who lands the most blows, who hits the hardest, who wins the fight. The Nevers know all they need to know. The Undecided wish to be entertained.

That wish will be granted.

What does the Constitution say about voting?

It says you’re free to vote.

Or not.

The Job 7.26.16