Wanna Bet?

The Poll You Take to the Bank

You can walk into betting shops all over the UK and get a bet down on the US Presidential election.

Today (3.2.16) Clinton is a 2–1 favorite over Trump.

People actually are putting their money where their mouth is. Both scream Hillary.

And, unfortunately for Mr. Trump, this poll has more credibility than any other. It’s the only poll where, if you’re wrong, it will cost you. All other polls? Just air.

But that’s not the worst news for Mr. Trump.

What seems to be happening is a quickening of the Gathering. The urgency of the Trump possibility is bringing everybody who wants to stop him out of the woodwork. A rainbow of everybodies.

Everybody in the establishment, close to it, aspiring to it. Ted Koppel joins Mitt Romney joins Carl Rove joins Glen Beck joins Nicki Halley joins John McClain joins three thousand others. And, in the event they don’t stop him, standing in the wings are Bushes. And, later, Obama.

Has there ever been such a gauntlet?

Cruz and Rubio. Mexican (Cuban) stand-off. Neither can win unless one drops out to support the other. Neither will.

Nothing kills like ego.

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