Want Some Air On That Nothing Burger?

It is the dream, liquid, wet, of the democrat party that the election was stolen from Hillary of Arc by the Russians. If it wasn’t, they have nowhere to go but the mirror. They don’t want to go there. Any possibility of Russian intrigue is a straw worth grasping, if you can.

Doubt can be useful.

It’s not this time.

Fired the guy that had the goods on him.” Was the notion put forward to shore up the Russian folly. Goods on him?

If Comey had the “Goods” on Russia and Trump, Comey would be in mid-town Manhattan at the offices of the New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, pouring his heart out, going down in history as the man who brought down Trump the Tyrant. Comey would be the greatest American since Lincoln.
And the next democrat nominee…

There are no goods to be had.

If there were, they’d be out there, where they belong; in the marketplace.

So how come they keep doing it? Keep pressing a narrative they know is not true? What do they expect to gain by insulting your intelligence?

It only makes sense if they don’t think you have any.

The Job 5.12.17

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