What Does She Touch And What Happens To It Then?

She touched the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock and diminished it. She touched Whitewater Development and what developed were jail sentences. She touched commodity brokers in Little Rock and made them accessories to the most obvious political bribe in an obviously political state. She touched a marriage (true, is your own business but…damn). She touched motherhood…

She touched her husbands’ sexual victims –after he did– in a way that got him impeached, fined $800,000. And, disbarred. She touched the White House Travel Office and made them go to court to plead for relief from her greed. She touched a tax return and deducted used underwear.

She touched Vince Foster and what happened to him? Nothing bad we hope.

She was touching White House Furniture when they made her give it back. She touched healthcare and the nation recoiled. Something about imprisoning doctors and patients.

As Secretary of State she touched Russia with something called a reset button. This button, apparently, turns an ally into an enemy. She touched Benghazi and presto, dead guys. Including the ambassador. She lied about what killed them to the parents of the dead when she touched them at the coffins. She, and the hipster president, touched the middle east and created Isis. Touched it again and gutted Syria.

She touched a Charity, made it a slush fund where Sharia paid for influence. But you could, too.

She touched Wall Street for twenty million.

She touched emails and secrets, destroying the former while exposing the latter.

She touched the FBI. You can see what she made out of them. Heartbreaking, that one, because the FBI actually may have had the trust and respect and the people.
They don’t now.

What happens after you touch something is your worth in this world. It’s what you add up to as a person.

What’s the right word? Everything she touches turns to…? What? What’s the right word?

Anybody know?

The Job 10.21.16