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Procore Acquires, Top Traits of a Good Contractor, and Looking into the Number of Vaccinated Construction Workers

The latest construction news from around the globe…

Catch up on what’s going on in construction this week. From an overlooked building resource to when construction pros think it will be okay to attend in-person events, we’ve got you covered on all the industry news from around the world.

Using Urban Soil as a Building Resource

Soil is anything but an inert material, especially urban soil which tends to be a hotspot for biodiversity and helps support the surrounding ecosystems. However, most urban soil gets sent to the landfill because the construction industry often fails to factor urban soil into the planning and design phases of a project. Here’s what the industry can do to try and fix this urgent issue.

Procore Acquires AI-Powered Analytics Platform

Last week it was announced that Procore had bought, an artificial intelligence-powered analytics tool designed specifically for the construction industry. has been a Procore App Marketplace partner since 2018, “together and Procore will keep making construction safer, more efficient, and more profitable,” said Navin Kaminoulu, co founder and COO of INDUS.AI.

When Will it Be Acceptable to Attend In-Person Events Again? Professionals Weigh In

Although remote work has offered the industry some benefits, like increased flexibility and retention rates, it’s also important to acknowledge that there are some benefits offered by in-person events that simply cannot be achieved through a zoom call. While it’s clear that working from home is here to stay, construction leaders also believe that in-person conferences and tradeshows will eventually make their way back into everyday life. Click here to here to get three construction professionals’ takes.

Price of Construction Materials Soar in the UK

A new analysis from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) shows that prices of concrete reinforcing bars, fabricated structural steel, and imported sawn or planed wood have all risen by over 15% in the last 12 months in the UK. According to Construction Manager, these price increases are likely due to an “ongoing squeeze on the availability of a number of products and materials”.

5 Traits Every Successful Safety Contractor Possesses

Contractors that engage in just five safety practices are six times safer than the industry average, according to ABC’s 2021 Safety Performance Report. The five safety practices are: having a strong substance abuse program, intensive onboarding, frequent toolbox talks, top-down leadership, and use of safety data. “If you just focus on these five things initially, you will start to improve your safety performance throughout your organization,” says Greg Sizemore, ABC’s VP of Health, Safety, Environment, and Workforce Development.

Vaccine Reluctance and the Construction Industry

About 50% of construction workers say they probably or definitely would turn down a COVID-19 vaccine offered to them, according to a not yet peer-reviewed study from MedRxiv. Of the construction workers who were surveyed across the US, approximately 3,400 of them provided reasons for their reluctance with the most common being anxiety about side effects, doubts about safety and the belief that they don’t need the vaccine.

WATCH: Baubot the Robot

Source: Printstones

If you have an extra moment, check out this video of Baubot, an Austrian-based robot developed by Printstones, a start-up that focuses on mobile robotics solutions for the construction industry. Not to be confused with another Austrian-based robot, Terminator — Baubot is capable of 3D concrete printing, welding, bricklaying, and so much more. Take a look here.

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Dive into more business news, check out the latest tech trends, and get a couple quick tips from our safety section. And as always, check back in next Friday for the most up to date feature of The Weekly Grind!◾️

Originally published at on May 12, 2021.



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