The Joint Intellisensing Lab (JIL)

The Joint Intellisensing Lab (JIL) was established in Nov 2016, based on International collaborations among Shanghai Ocean University (China), Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) and Queensland University of Technology (Australia). Later, it has expanded with more partners from Italy and Cyprus.

Our aim is to establish an international lab for transdisciplinary research in the area of intellisensing (a combination of artificial intelligence and smart sensing), joining expertise and facilities to achieve global impact of cutting-edge innovations.

JIL strengthens the collaboration and cooperation among the joint parties in many ways: bundling of resources; global-scale testing facilities; student and staff exchanges; validating scientific breakthroughs in multi-disciplinary applications; attracting industrial partnerships; making real-world impact through cross-continental projects; dissemination through joint papers and regular colloquia.

JIL focuses on various aspects of intelligent sensing, including both fundamental and applied research. Massive-scale sensing, such as in environmental monitoring and urban systems, will generate data (at network edge) on the Zettabyte scale. These will be largely unstructured, uncorrelated, noisy and incomplete, posing the biggest big-data problem ever. That is why conventional big-data methods need to be adapted to the distributed nature of the problems at hand. We are aiming to make breakthroughs in distributed data mining, miniaturized machine learning, and network science.