Artwork by Olivia Rodgers

Olivia’s Art

Linda S. Gunther
The Journal of Radical Wonder
1 min readJun 26, 2022


By Linda S. Gunther

She painted me on a large flat
oddly shaped stone
found by the ocean
left me here to dry under a shaded tree
not far from the meandering path
where pedestrians
walk and talk the afternoon away
but Olivia did not come back for me

I sit on this perfectly smooth surface
a stunning work of art
unless someone comes along
lifts me up
drops me from a height
shattering me to bits of rubble
obliterates the ravishing me
with the haphazard strokes of a permanent marker
scrapes away my existence
using a sharp object of some sort
the skies turn gray and open
storm so wild my brilliant colors run
and wash away
I slowly fade in the hot sun

And the unique image
of me
is no longer recognizable
a ghost of what I once was



Linda S. Gunther
The Journal of Radical Wonder

Linda S. Gunther is author of six suspense novels set in locations in Northern California, Mexico, Tahiti, Scotland, New York, Greece, UK , and Havana, Cuba.