By Linda S. Gunther

Photograph by Linda Gunther, copyright 2022, all rights reserved.

Can you believe
all those years rolled by
and it didn’t really matter?

We touch, caress
settle like pear-shaped raindrops
glide down that curling
of tangerine dream
consumed by lust
and the memory of us

Back then
on the lake
in the faded blue boat
my fingers wrapped around
wood paddles
your toes skimming the water
a book of poetry in your lap
the words of William Blake
your voice gentle, silky

Awake now sweet lady

We may be much older
but today is still young



Linda S. Gunther
The Journal of Radical Wonder

Linda S. Gunther is author of six suspense novels set in locations in Northern California, Mexico, Tahiti, Scotland, New York, Greece, UK , and Havana, Cuba.