Josh Hawley Stares at Clock Waiting for Swastika to Enter into Public Domain

“File:Josh Hawley Primary Night.jpg” by Natureofthought is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Orlando FL — Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was seen staring at the clock on the wall before his speech at CPAC, waiting for the swastika to enter into the public domain so he could use it for his own political campaigns.

Hawley was sitting hunched over with his chin in his hand and a starry look in his eye as he watched the seconds tick away, ever closer to the moment when he wouldn’t have to pay royalties to use a swastika.

“Is it time yet?” asked Hawley to an elderly man sitting next to him.

“Oh, not quite yet. You youngsters need to learn some patience,” said the man.

Hawley went on to give a rousing speech at CPAC, preaching about a “new nationalism” to an almost exclusively white audience, but it was obvious his mind was somewhere else.

At press time, he expressed not only his frustration with waiting, but his confusion with exactly how long he would have to wait.

“I know it takes 95 years, but is it 95 years after World War II ended in 1945, or 95 years after the Nazi party began in 1920? Because if that’s the case, it’s already in the public domain. This is all just too much,” said Hawley.

After speaking with the press, Hawley’s chief of staff informed him that the swastika does not have a copyright holder, and that anyone could use it.

Hawley embraced him before running out the doors of the convention center, jumping, and clicking his heels together.



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