Judge Shouts “Community Service!” Before Accidentally Sentencing Derek Chauvin to Death

“Courtroom” by srqpix is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Minneapolis, MN — The judge presiding over the case of Derek Chauvin, the police officer who killed George Floyd, shouted “Community service!” before sentencing Chauvin to death by electric chair.

“Holy shit! I sentenced him to death,” said the judge, staring at their gavel, after the grim realization of what they’d done.

The court released a statement in which they called the incident an “accidental sentencing” and expressed remorse for the outcome.

“Judges are under extraordinary amounts of pressure and often have to make split-second decisions. Accidental sentences like this are an unfortunate but rare occurrence that comes with the territory,” said the statement.

The judge expressed their deepest condolences to Chauvin’s family, but they didn’t appear to be having it. They released their own statement condemning the judge’s actions.

“It’s deeply saddening not just for us, but for every victim of an accidental sentencing. Derek was cooperating with the trial, and doing everything the court asked of him, and yet still gets sentenced to death. The truly unfortunate thing is that judges who do this never face any consequences, and the pattern of wrongful death sentences continues as a result,” said the statement from Chauvin’s family.



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Kyle Qualls

Kyle Qualls


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