New Ad Claims Climate Change Is Muslim So Americans Will Fight It

“J.D. Irving Smoke Stacks” by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

A new TV ad is claiming that climate change is muslim so that Americans will take it seriously as a threat and do whatever they can to aid in the fight against it.

The ad depicts such images as a coal mine reading the Quran, ocean plastics saying “no thank you” when offered a hotdog, and an oil spill visiting the holy site of Mecca.

The ad comes from a British climate change activist group whose goal is to get more Americans to take action to combat climate change.

“America consumes tons of energy and has the ability to influence other nations. The problem is that Americans only believe that something is dangerous if it is a brown person at the airport,” said Bentley Salas, the group’s president.

Just hours after the ad aired in the United States, citizens across the country exhibited drastic changes in their habits.

One man put a glass bottle in a recycling bin while shaking his fist at the air and yelling, “Take that, sand monkey!”

A group drove through a small town with American flags mounted on the back of their brand new bicycles that they use to commute, yelling “don’t mess with Texas!”



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