Paleo Walgreens Cashier Refuses to Sell Bread

Picture by JeepersMedia

Dayton, OH — A cashier at the local Walgreens pharmacy and convenience store refused to sell a customer a loaf of bread because of personally held paleo diet beliefs.

Walgreens’ company policy is that their employees don’t have to fill prescriptions or sell products to which they have a ‘moral objection’ and this particular employee draws the line at carbs.

“My diet consists only of things that our most primitive ancestors would have eaten. They hunted meat and foraged for berries. No one would’ve sold a loaf of bread 30,000 years ago so I’m not going to either,” said the minimum wage employee, high on a power trip the likes of which he’s never felt.

Peyton Saunders, 21, was the customer in question and pleaded her case, but the employee appeared to not even hear her as he continued to tout the benefits of paleo uninterrupted for several minutes.



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Kyle Qualls

Kyle Qualls


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