President Biden Gifts Standing Rock Indian Reservation with a Chair

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Sioux County SD — President Biden arrived at the Standing Rock Indian reservation where he gifted leaders of the Sioux tribe with a chair as part of an initiative to strengthen ties between the United States and Native American tribes.

“For too long we have neglected the needs of Native Americans, and that is why today I am giving you this La-Z-Boy. The Standing Rock Indian Reservation will now have the option to sit,” said Biden.

Biden has stated that racial justice continues to be a major priority of his administration and he wants to start by undoing the injustices done to Native American tribes.

Tribe members in attendance clapped politely and exchanged confused looks at the unveiling of the cushiony recliner with built-in cup holders.

“Does he think that we don’t have chairs?” said local man, Chatan Whapeton.

The La-Z-Boy only sits one at a time, so the 8,000+ who live on the reservation will have to take turns.

“Can we also get some better textbooks?” yelled one man at Biden as he smiled and waved back from inside Air Force 1.



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