Building the Impossible through Science

In the past decade, Jamie saw friends go in and out of rehab with one of his closest friends die of an overdose — heroin. He hears about more and more deaths due to drug addiction in the news and the problem pisses him off. It always starts with a painkiller prescription.

“This epidemic knows no boundaries. It touches rich, poor, middle class,” says the ‘World News Tonight’ anchor.

He has a burning desire to solve this problem. Jamie is a successful serial entrepreneur who’s started and sold multiple pharmaceutical companies. He knows he can leverage his experience in building life saving drugs to help solve seemingly intractable problem — if only he could find the right technology. He spends his time going to multiple conferences a year to see new technologies coming from universities and hospitals. He engages researchers at leading universities like Ohio State University, the University of Texas, and MIT frequently to find the most cutting-edge research, but Jamie is limited to his network. He can only see so many potential solutions.

Finally, he hears about Technium highlighting the top 5% of intellectual property from across the world to solve hard, valuable problems through cutting-edge R&D.

Leveraging Technium’s Discovery Platform, Jamie finds a researcher who created an elegant, proven compound that could solve the addiction problem. The technology came out a lab in Mexico — a place where Jamie wouldn’t think to look or have access to otherwise. The researcher, wanting to share his discovery with the world, would never have had found an experienced entrepreneur like Jamie without Technium.

Once they connected, Jamie and the researcher put together a syndicate of investors, licensed the technology, and started a company. Within 6 months, Jamie was able to go from wanting to solve a hard problem to finding a solution and starting to build a new company to bring the solution to market.

“I love this! If I would have had this tool 10 years ago it would have greatly eased my life and accelerated my businesses” — Jamie

Now Jamie isn’t alone — there are thousands of experienced entrepreneurs who want to solve big, hairy, impossible problems by starting companies based on deep technologies. All the ingredients are there. The entrepreneurs are all around us. The technologies are sitting on the shelves of R&D labs. The capital is begging to fund breakthrough technologies.

Technium catalyzes new breakthrough technologies by connecting all three critical elements and providing them with the tools and infrastructure to get off the ground.

Our platform is in private beta.

If you’re a serial entrepreneur or experienced executive and are passionate about solving a really big, hard problem like Jamie, send me a little info by answering 5 short questions.

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