What is “The Journey of a Wantrepreneur”?

Tyrel Chambers
Mar 8, 2018 · 6 min read

This week I started something that I’m unsure of; unsure of in the sense of how it’ll be received.

The Journey of a Wantrepreneur, the podcast and the publication, are for me and you to be able to share our stories of becoming an entrepreneur.

From the desires that burned within me, I began this whole community, environment, quest if you will to share my experiences, my successes, my failures and everything in between with you to hopefully inspire you to become better.

If you’ve read my posts, you know that I speak frequently about being a better person and pursuing your goals. Luckily, that’s not all this podcast will be.

Through talking about code, personal growth, my thoughts on topics at the time and whatever else, I hope to help you at least find your footing to get started on your journey.

On The Journey of a Wantrepreneur (“TJW”), I will be share basically what I know… ok, good recap. As well I will be bringing people on whom are either on their way or have made it.

I believe it’s good to have a mix of people who are just starting out and who are where we want to be. From this we can gain some excellent insight on how to approach and navigate our journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

Starting is always the hardest

Before I decided to actually dive into a podcast, blog and social media posts, many things came together all at once!

I had been consuming a ton of Gary Vaynerchuk’s content which actually really inspires me as I’m sure he probably inspires you. From this I began to develop a courage to do what I want to do despite what everyone else thinks.

See, I used to be quite self-conscience and in certain respects, I am, however, when it comes to this stuff for which I’m super passionate, that fear was quickly overcome.

From Gary Vee I read an article title which in itself really changed my whole perspective and although I’ve heard it before many times, this time, it was different. It went something like this:

Be secure in your insecurities

So simple, yet so profound. Reading this inspired me to become secure in what I don’t know and that’s the beauty of it, I don’t “have” to know. I don’t have to know everything about what’ll be in The Journey of a Wantrepreneur, at least I don’t have to be an expert to talk about what I want to talk about.

Seeing things in this light like this is totally liberating. Being confident in your weaknesses and owning them is a beautiful thing.

If you’re like me you compare yourself to people all the time to try and find where you fit in, in this world. Terrible thing to do, I know, but it happens nonetheless. The problem with this is, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not always bad to measure your “competition”, however when you are envious and therefore end of degrading yourself because of how useless you feel in comparison, that’s the line.

Anyways, you’ve probably compared yourself and thought “man, I wish I could podcast as well as them”, or “man, I wish I was as good at Youtube as they are”, or even “girl, why can’t I create beautiful graphic designs like she can”.

The problem with this is you’re on a different timeline than they are. You are comparing yourself to someone who has spent X number of hours honing their craft. You’re comparing yourself to someone who may be 5 years into their process. So you can see how this doesn’t make sense; to compare.

What you have to remember is, comparing yourself whom hasn’t started their journey, to someone 5 years in, will most likely bring disappointment. However, what you have to realize as well is, if you never start, you’ll never get to that place.

So instead of comparing to people way ahead of you, start the process of getting to where they are. Whatever projects you have been wanting to do, do them. You will only get better, but you have to start. The world isn’t such a scary place for newcomers to whatever scene you’re trying to break into. Also, how cool will it be to see your progress a few months, to a year, to a few years down the road?

A recent story about inspiration

Recently, I met up with a friend on mine. Him and I hadn’t talked in a couple years so it was quite nice to be able to catch over lunch — even though 2 hours of lunch wasn’t enough time to make up for 2 years.

We talked about our lives, what we are doing, where we’re at and where we’re going. But, we came to one peculiar line of questioning. Stemming from me telling him that I wanted to start a podcast and a Youtube channel to help inspire people to become better through my own journey and actions, he asked me, “Who have you inspired over the last 2 to 3 years?”.

I could only think of one person, now right off the bat the answer to this question is completely subjective unless someone has told you, you inspire(d) them, which in this day and age isn’t always the case with you know, people being afraid to be vulnerable and all.

So I told him a close friend of mine whom (did I use that right?) was teaching himself app development. Other than that I couldn’t really answer. Then he told me that I inspired him! This blew my mind because it stemmed from an event that I completely forgot about.

A couple years ago over the summer for about a month, I taught him the very basics of guitar; just 4 chords. These 4 chords though you could play a lot of popular songs. The chords were G, C, D, Em. I told him to keep practicing transitions between all the notes back and forth and all over. This would help him with his muscle memory and help make it easier to, well, change chords!

From that moment he said he continued to teach himself and practice everyday. From there he played in public, by himself and ended up attracting the attention of a nice older lady whom he then began to talk with and encourage her.

Furthermore, he wrote a lovely song for a special day that he would play, because of what we did, and because of what I decided to do.

Even though I didn’t think I was doing anything special, I had been playing guitar for about 13 years at this point, it still was a moment of inspiration for him.

Now this floored me because I had never definitively been told that I have inspired someone. Whether or not you think what you are doing is of no meaning and doesn’t help anyone to the extent of bettering their life, remember there is someone out there, me, who thought the same thing and it turns out that little selfless actions can change someone’s entire world.

If you’re having trouble starting something you would love to do, think about how happy you’d be if in 5 years, you’re building a community around your desires.

My friend also mentioned to me a quote I told him which went something like:

How much sweeter will playing the guitar be when you go through the tough times, the quitting times, the times where you would rather do anything else, and come out the otherside having embraced all that and learned how to play the guitar? How much sweeter would it be than just waking up knowing how to play?

If you’re just given your talents, you will take for granted the skill in which you’re trying to learn. There would be no sense of pride or enjoyment in something that is just given to you. But, if you had to work, and fight, and struggle, to learn how to play the guitar (or enter skill here), once you know how, you will have a much greater appreciation for it.

The journey can be the toughest part of any dream, however, it can often be the most sweetest. If you don’t give up, if you pursue and fight past those thoughts that tell you to quit, you will make it and you will be beyond elated. Your future self will applaud you for your dedication.

The journey to a destination is always more rewarding, than just being there.

If you would like a place to share your journey, let me know and we can set you up with my publication!

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