J2MT3: The Toys Never Forget

Hey folks, thanks for tuning into the Journey to Meteor Toys 3. As you’ve probably seen, last week was pretty crazy, with lots to think about, so my apologies for the delayed update. Good news is, this week I’ll be updating two toys: Method and Pub.

The Method and Pub toy display your Methods and Publications, and when you click on them, you can see their parameters, input them, and run the function. It’s a day and night difference compared to typing out the code yourself and then going back to your source code to make sure the parameters match up.

Original Method toy, re-used for demonstration of its purpose

However, I found it gets annoying when you have to re-enter the parameters. Maybe I’m getting spoiled — but that shouldn’t stop progress! So, the updated Method and Pub toys will remember the parameters you enter into them, so you can quickly tweak them and then run again.

One of the other benefits of these two toys I noticed is when you jump into a new project, it’s really nice to see all the methods and publication from a high level — and its getting easier now that they will be sorted alphabetically. Its really nice if you name our Methods like “Email/action1”, “Email/bction2”, etc.

Video demo of updated Method and Pub toys

Check out the video for a demo. And to update, just remove your Meteor Toys and add them again with `meteor add meteortoys:allthings`.

Cyber Monday

If this has persuaded you to begin your Meteor Toys addiction and completely relapse into childhood, then I have some good news! Up until Cyber Monday ends (NY time), Meteor Toys will be half price off with coupon code `asl`.

Thanks for tuning in! More updates on the way :)