You Have Limited Time

It’s Time You Acknowledge This Fact

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Your time on Earth is not infinite. Life’s chores take up your time and energy. Survival is the priority. But if you are reading this, you have the time to thrive, not just survive.

The odds of you living to see next year are pretty darn good. More than 99% of the United States population will if they are under 60 years old.

After 60, your odds start sinking pretty fast.

So how are you spending the minutes and hours that you can claim for your own?

“Screw it , just get on with it and do it.”

Words of wisdom by Sir Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin Group. He is a man well known for his success in business and life.

Branson started Virgin Airlines because his flight had been cancelled. He had a pretty girl who was waiting on him and no flight to make it to her.

He clearly understood the principle of ‘time and tide waits on no man’.

Without having the money, he chartered a plane. He then sold the remaining seats to the other passagngers on the cancelled flight. He used that money to pay for the flight.

His clear purpose (see pretty girl) enabled him to act.

How are You Spending Your Limited Time?

Do you have a clear goal to work towards?

What are your values?

What is your purpose in life?

What do you love?

If you can answer those questions, your time can be well-spent. You can look back on your life with satisfaction, instead of regret. Now is the time to choose — Survival? Or do you want to thrive?

I hope you choose to thrive.

Call to Action

  1. Know What You WANT/VALUE/LOVE.
  2. Go Do It!

I am Stephanie Beardslee — Adventurer & Storyteller

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