End of Year Round Up — The Best of Salsa

So sweet. Sweeter than watermelon high. Adobe Stock.


A year that began with a certain influencer crying about abusive comments and comparing that to the holocaust, you knew the shark had firmly jumped. He wasn’t alone. Antisemites were crawling out of the gutters and repopulating the world. Some even chose to reenact the Holocaust by dressing children as Hitler. Great fun said no one.


I took a month off from my real-world job and did nothing but write. One classic after another. This was my nadir. February was spectacular and boosted my ego into believing I was a real writer. “Imagine,” I said to myself, “if all I did was write and gave up my career to chase my dream.” It was all an illusion. A month that saw me blocked from several creators led to this beautiful and brilliant satire.


I took a deep dive into the world of My Little Pony and was surprised to see an episode celebrating the communist manifesto. Free will eventually wins the day but it was a shock to see a village full of ponies stripped of their individuality.


Disillusioned with almost everything on social media, I quit Facebook for good. I don’t miss it, especially after one ego-driven writer took my post personally and blocked me on all channels. I don’t miss Logan either.


Terrible month. Crap writing. There is the odd gem but this referral link at the end of one story summed up my mood.


Listicle month. Ho hum. Short stories were where I was at. Wonderfully crafted and surreal fiction making me smile and enjoy writing again. It is a love/hate relationship. I truly felt God Save the Queen was the best story I had ever written. A personal journey told after the death of the beloved Royal.


Florence Pugh gets Twitter in a state after revealing her nipples. James Caan dies leaving me to reminisce about Rollerball. I declared a love for Will Ferrel and managed to get Adobe to boot out their Nazi imagery. Who said a writer with minimum impact can never make a difference?


One angry piece against an atheist who wouldn’t listen and then called me a Trump supporter in favor of slavery. That was a fun week! It was the end for me on Twitter. I was getting angry and bored simultaneously! Every other week I ran into a fight. I knew something had to give.


I finally stepped down from running The Bad Influence. What a ride! Antisemitism was everywhere including Netflix’s biggest movie of the month Do Revenge.


I fell down a right-wing rabbit hole and emerged slating Jacinda Arden. It happens. I apologize. Not sure how I fell into that trap.


I got caught up in the Christmas adverts snowstorm and managed to shed several subscribers. Apparently, not everyone loves Christmas ads. And, despite the abuse from Smillew Rahcuef, I rate this story


And here we are, at the end of the year and my output has stopped. I got commissioned to write and didn’t feel the need to chase a small Medium dollar. The stats were bad for this month so why bother? Take a break.



Writing by Jewish people. Proudly promoting Jewish authors.

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