Pragmatic Role Model Willy Hardy Is Leader in Aiding the Impoverished

Widowed, she has a job with the D.C. Department of Environmental Services. She has 16 children — six of her own, ten of whom she found on her doorstep. She still has time to inspire and help women. She find ways to provide community aid, like getting churches to lend their facilities for day care centers. “If it’s holy,” she says, “it ought to be doing something during the week.”



Judy Flander is an entertainment feature writer and television critic who for many years during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s wrote insightful interviews of many well known people, and some not so well known then, were published in newspapers and magazines across the US.

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Judy Flander

American Journalist. As a newspaper reporter in Washington, D.C., surreptitiously covered the 1970s’ Women’s Liberation Movement.