GirlTrek is a movement on a mission to mobilize women worldwide.

How We Used Action-Inducing Videos to Advance a Movement

Since we began our partnership with Morgan and Vanessa, the founders of GirlTrek, we have been incredibly inspired by their mission to mobilize black women in communities across the nation.

GirlTrek’s inspirational co-founders, Vanessa and Morgan.

In an effort to help expedite the growth of the GirlTrek movement, we produced and strategically placed action-inducing videos in integral areas of their website. By pairing important web features with videos that boosted the power of each call to action, we were able to increase viewers’ engagement with GirlTrek’s site and inspire more of the actions that would advance their mission.

GirlTrek’s ultimate goal is to inspire 1 million black women to take the pledge and join their movement. For such an ambitious and inspiring goal, we knew a simple sign up page was NOT going to elicit the response we wanted….

After some work sessions and internal brainstorming, we identified the following strategic imperatives that needed to be accomplished in order for GirlTrek to accomplish their goal of recruiting 1 million women to the movement:

1. Inspire members to sign up by making it easy and pulling on viewers’ heartstrings. We wanted to show them that there was a whole team of women who were ready to have their back!

2. Empower GirlTrek’s leaders to galvanize their walkers and organize events.

3. Encourage peer to peer recruiting. We wanted to gamify the process by providing credit and recognition to the trekkers who brought more women into the fold.

4. Raise funds through outside donations. We needed to encourage supporters and allies of the movement to help even if they couldn’t walk with GirlTrek.

Here’s a breakdown of how we used those strategic imperatives to create videos that would encourage viewers to take the desired actions that would aid in GirlTrek’s growth.

First, we built all of the tools and web features that would make each of these actions possible, including sign up forms, personalized referral links, and organizational tools.

Then, we created the action-inducing videos that would live powerfully within those web features. The GirlTrek representatives who appeared in these videos even referenced the aspects of the website the visitor was currently on. This created an incredibly immersive experience for the viewer.

Pairing every critical call to action with a video that encouraged its viewers to act made a huge impact on the amount of new sign ups, subscriptions, referrals, and donations GirlTrek received.

You can watch each of these action-inducing videos below:

1. Join: Sign Up

In the first video visitors to GirlTrek’s site see, two of their founding members offer up a welcoming invitation that encourages browsers on GirlTrek’s site to get in the game and join the movement.

2. Start a Team

Once a visitor has taken the pledge and agreed to become part of the GirlTrek movement, they are given the opportunity to start their own team. This second action-inducing video provides potential GirlTrek leaders with all the information they need to organize a walking and begin hosting events.

3. Link to Invite Others: Referral Link

Another crucial action-inducing video in this series was placed directly above the referral link current GirlTrek members could share with women in their networks. Not only does sending these links recruit more walkers to the movement, but women are also rewarded with “Trek Cred” when the links are used by a new enrollee.

4. Donate

In the final video in the series, we wanted to help GirlTrek increase the donations they received from supporters, allies, and civic leaders who have positively benefited from GirlTrek’s impact on their communities.

The Results:

The action-inducing videos have been a great asset to the GirlTrek movement. Since creating their website, GirlTrek has continued to approach closer and closer to their 1 million walker goal. In the past 12 months alone, nearly 30,000 women have created a profile on the GirlTrek site.

If your brand has an opportunity to create video content geared toward encouraging actions or conversations, we’d love to share some of our ideas with you.

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