A Smile And A Thorn

(Photo: Unsplash Everton Vila)

I wonder if in life’s contradictions are where darkness often lies,

that naïve thought of ‘hope’ that only makes you agonise.

I’m not sure if you realise how much your love means to me,

living without you, I’m half the person I want to be.

We found each other: lost, broken, and alone.

As our souls intertwined we created an Earth-shattering cyclone.

Deep within my heart is where our love will always lie; I know the love we have together, so epic, will never die.

When I think of heavy rains, as I lay in the dark

immersed in the pain, within the shadowed corners of my heart,

A love we often romanticise

but forget, our demons, will quickly tear apart

Sometimes there are loves so crazy they just can’t be described, two broken hearts that cry out in the night “this love is still alive”

From the moment you laid your eyes on me, a black hole was created consuming all we could ever be.

Pain and more pain,

our love is consumed by the flames

kindred spirits join again,

my heart always wins over my brain!

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