A Universal Fabric

Matthew Ellis
The Junction
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1 min readJan 15, 2019


The infrared universe, from the outside, looking in…

Deeper than any indigo sea

Wider than the largest celestial galaxy

Is the linking web which conjoins life

Whether it be a man and his wife

Or two strangers separated by thousands of miles

We are all connected in a universal way

This connection between lives

Happens to go unnoticed by most

However it is something that all

Are capable of perceiving

But this perception is only comprehended

By a lone few who sense our universal connection

Discerned by all or none, we are still unified

By a link impossible to hear, see, or touch

It sprawls the universe, entangling infinite threads

Which weave endlessly through space

Creating the ever-changing fabric

That binds all of mankind.



Matthew Ellis
The Junction

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