Blue Dress Longing

A Flash Fiction Tale

Source: CC0

We sit, silent, on the bench beneath the rotting pergola as we do everyday. I remember when he built it for us, the undergrowth and trees kept well back. Since the day they’d returned without her though, the underbrush had encroached, at first just testing the limits, then surging forward when no effort was made to control it, surrounding the algae choked water, now stagnant and covered by insect clouds.

We’d come here on her birthday, the temperature in triple digits. The man and woman had held hands and talked quietly. She’d splashed and laughed a few steps away. They hadn’t worried when she’d begun to cough and scream, having splashed herself in the face so that the water and amoeba in it had been forced up her nose. He’d just scooped her up and patted her back, the woman tucking me in between their two bodies. But then she’d squirmed and I’d dropped to the ground, left there overnight until the next morning when she’d cried for me. I’d been washed on gentle tumbled dry, my muddy dress replaced with the blue one I still wear.

Then came the headaches and fever and I’d been forgotten once again the night they’d driven her away. He’d left not long after.

I wish the woman would go get him, that they’d bring her home from wherever they’d left her so we could be a family again. Not meant for adults, without her I am alone and lonely and completely without purpose.

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