By the Blade

Antony Terence
Dec 7, 2018 · 3 min read

When Zafar’s mother died due to mysterious circumstances, one question remained. She had departed from her humble abode without leaving a will, and he was determined to find it.

He tried everything in his power. He went through all the books in the cupboard, he dug up the front yard and even searched under the carpet, to no avail. He obsessed over his inheritance and grew irritable and tired with each passing day.
Finally, he decided to seek assistance and set out to meet Sirena, who was famed for her wisdom and knowledge.

Sirena, a powerful witch, worked as an alchemist during the day in a crudely built shack at the edge of the town. As he approached the hut, a harsh voice called out, “Just a minute, I’ll be there!”

The wooden door opened to reveal a tall, cloaked woman. Her arms were covered with mysterious tattoos that seemed to emanate a strange emerald glow, but they paled in comparison to her unsettling visage, one that was alluring yet sinister to behold.

“I will help you find the will, if you promise to give me half of the fortune you find.” Zafar, left dumbstruck by her abilities and desperate to find it, agreed to her terms. “Now leave me be, I cannot work with people around.”
As he left, he hoped he had taken the right decision.

That night, before she went to sleep, she took a knife etched with intricate runes and uttered a spell. She placed it beneath her pillow and went to sleep.

In her dream, a demon appeared from the void, a malevolent being that possessed terrible power. A familiar hilt stuck out from his crimson chest.

Source: Photo by Stoica Ionela on Unsplash

“Why are you doing this to me?” he pleaded.
“Bring me the woman who hid her son’s inheritance. And until she reveals its location, the knife will remain where it is!”

She then snapped her fingers and woke up to find that the knife was missing.
With a sinister smile to herself, she knew she would get what she wanted and proceeded to masquerade as an ordinary alchemist for the rest of the day.

As she fell asleep, she summoned the demon yet again, who returned with another being this time.

“I’ve brought her to you, now remove the blade!”, bellowed the demon as dark blood flowed from his chest. “Not until the woman tells me where she hid her fortune”, she retorted. The woman, who had just recently left the land of the living, trembled and spoke.
“Certainly not! Truth be told, I do not want him to find it.” At this, Sirena decided to bide her time and dispelled the dream. The knife was still gone.

The third night, the demon, weakened by the loss of blood, knelt and was unable to utter a single word. He raised his arms in agony and appealed to Zafar’s mother.

At last she relented and said:

“Fate hath dealt me a blow beyond the grave
Beyond me lies the cursed gold that you crave.”

With one final snap, Sirena ended his suffering.
She woke up, uttered another spell and found the knife back where she had last kept it.

She then sent a raven with a letter to Zafar’s home, telling him that she had found what he had wanted to know. He rushed to her hut and she told him of the hint she had wrenched out of his mother’s spirit. “This advice is useless, of course it’s beyond her.” he protested. “Fool, did you search her coffin?” she exclaimed, visibly annoyed.

He decided that it was a possibility and headed to the graveyard. He approached an unmarked grave and started to dig with a shovel that happened to be lying around. Fortunately, he didn’t have to meet the corpse of his mother again as there was another box hidden beneath the coffin. He broke it open and saw that it was filled with treasure beyond measure.

Now that he had found his inheritance, he decided to leave the town at once, as he had no intention of sharing the gold with the witch.

When Sirena discovered that he had departed, she wasn’t worried.
That night, she placed the knife beneath her pillow again.

Antony Terence

Written by

A witty wordsmith adept at myth.

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