Capturing Happiness

Thoughts from a beach in Bali

Image by WF — Bali, Canguu 2019

With my feet now grounded, naturally, laughter surrounded me.

I’m not sure if it was the young Balinese boy, smiling ear to ear as he eagerly ran towards the sea. He marched through the sand with his board in hand as his familly cheered him on from the distance, clapping as he glided accross the waves.

It could have been the two random dogs, owned by no one but each other, frolicking in the sand, bouncing in togetherness. Barking in happy growls that enticed onlookers to smile.

Either way, the setting invited me to ponder.

Happiness is not a permanent state, rather, it is fleeting moments that, if we’re lucky enough to tune in to, remind us why we continue to do this thing called life.

Yes, the happiness channel, only no television is required. Just a change of scenery and our connection to nature setting our wires straight.

It is in the brief moments of “now” (where we seldom linger) we no longer focus on the “then” or “when”.

It is here we are as beautiful and free as the sun setting in front of us.