Conversation with My Wife (34)

It’s Spring! Get out and enjoy the golf turdiments!


Morning. Our usual bathroom routine, showering et al. while listening to a local radio station. Deb is half-listening while at the sink (not her best time for hearing things) and does a double-take when a radio commercial comes on.

DEB “Jackster? Did they just say: Daily. Fee. Golf. Course? I heard ‘daily fecal course’.”

ME: <after thinking a moment> “‘Come golf with us. We’ll help you get your shit together.’”*

DEB: <in the middle of gargling, has to pitch forward to get rid of the mouthwash before she chokes> “Thank you, dear.”

*Going for comedic timing when I should have been paying attention to what my wife was doing. Not my best husband moment. (Decent joke, though.)

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