Conversation with My Wife (63)

Colors of the day [night? disco madness?]

I keep up with tech readings at work. Some may, at times, drift a bit from our company’s main line of business. And some stuff gets shared with my wife through emails.

Like using an AI to scan popular paint colors, to come up with predictions of new popular colors. And then name them.


So I email a link of the article to my wife and ask:

ME: Can we redo your bathroom in Sindis Poop and Bank Butt?

DEB: Poor neural network. Everyone knows Clardic Fug is a mood even *I* get into sometimes.

ME: So no?

DEB: And Stargoon is the bad guy turned hero in the next Disney movie.

ME: What about Stoner Blue and Stanky Bean?

DEB: We’re still doing wallpaper, Jackster!

Okay. The good news is that paint marketers still have a few years of job security left. Also, “Catbabel & Snowbonk” could be a great name for a music duo (“Hi, I’m Catbabel, and this is Snowbonk.” “Dude, I thought *I* was Catbabel!”) specializing in grunge.

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