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Conversation with My Wife (91)

Breakfast — the most important meal of the day

How my stomach feels when I’m “fasting” before getting bloodwork done. Credit: pixabay.

So I had my Visit With The Vampire last week at oh-dark thirty, and because my new doctor likes to get a fasting blood sugar, I couldn’t eat anything after nine-thirty the night before. Which I normally never do anyway, but when I’m actually supposed to be “fasting” then my stomach starts growling (it’s silent, but I know the growls are there) around bedtime.

Please leave your sincere expressions of sympathy in the Response section. Thanks.

So near the end of dinner (MY LAST MEAL UNTIL… um, about my normal breakfast time) I got a reminder on my phone to make breakfasts for the next morning. I make breakfasts-to-go for both of us, because Deb uses my vampire days to get to work early and eat at her desk while working in actual peace and quiet before the chaos of a college campus erupts around her.

ME: I’m gonna make breakfasts*, honey.

DEB: (still reading her smartphone**) I can do that, honey.

ME: No, that’s okay, m’love. After all, you got the first breakfast. (wiggling eyebrows suggestively)

DEB: (still reading her smartphone) The trip to Illinois? That was no big deal, Jackster. (finally notices my wiggling eyebrows, which is good because they’re starting to get tired) Oh…you meant our first breakfast. The french toast?

ME: (I have no idea, it was almost 19 years ago) Of course, honey! It was wonderful!

DEB: (smiling seductively) And remember that special something I did?


DEB: (matter-of-factly) Yeah, right, we had yogurt and bagels, honey. I had no idea I was going to have company that morning. Why in the world would I have ingredients for french toast?***

You haven’t read about our second date, because I haven’t figured out how to fill in the details without, um, filling in the details. Which I’m not allowed to do, completely. It’s a work-in-progress. I’ll get back to you.

*Yogurt and muesli. Mix in a sealable container. Refrigerate overnight. Done. Excellent grab & go meal.

**I finally persuaded her to give up her flip phone last year. After complaining about having to go digital with the angst and drama of a teenage girl, she has adapted to her iPhone like… a teenage girl. <sigh>

***If there was a snowstorm going, sure, but this was June. Not even in Pennsylvania do we worry about snow then; we’re testing out our a/c in case we need to schedule a repair person to come in before the rush starts in July.



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