Escaping The Extraordinary

vladimir kush

Write what you know… For JT

You must keep your poems close to the earth.
Lift up your voice and sing of ordinary things.
The world swarms with simple subjects.

Gasoline pancakes. Taxi wars. Rusty souls.
Adequate undertakers. Migrating mountains.
Napoleon’s hat. Barbed wire lingerie.
Psychedelic manna. Malingering baristas.
Anesthetized fleas. Avuncular kisses.
Parched boardwalks. Amnesiac fortune tellers.
Steel condoms. Falling lilacs. Demonic dildos.

It is a Möbius strip of possibilities.

Digital zeppelins. Manic-depressive chipmunks.
Goose-stepping chameleons. Reeling wheelchairs.
Supersonic nightsticks. Melancholy fishhooks.
Comatose billionaires. Breathless corks.
Comely cassowaries. Invisible languages.

The world abounds with down home things.
Become a poet of the magically mundane.
Stick to the snails beneath your feet.
Abandon the bizarre to the pretenders.
Remember to write only what you know.

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