Fear Not

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash
“Morgaine fought to control the rising tides of panic. Fear was the worst thing. Fear would put her at the mercy of whatever misfortunate came.” — The Mists Of Avalon.

When you pause and contemplate the base ingredient of much of the suffering in the world it can be traced back to this one element. Fear.

Fear brings out the panic, the irrational, the cruelty, the guilt, the madness in All. The. Things. Fear of judgment, Fear of loss, Fear of punishment, Fear of humiliation, Fear of the other, — go on — use your own imagination — fill in the blanks. Pick a situation in this world which is cruel, unsustainable, unjust — Fear is the emotion driving the train behind the actions.

I lived with an anxiety disorder for much of My Life. It still will rear its ugly head from time to time. Anxiety is Fear on crack — without a focus. And nearly 100% of the time what you’re stressed about never comes to pass. You only experience The Fear. It will undo you if it can.

Fear itself IS the worst thing.

These days it seems we walk in a world drenched in Fear. How do we navigate this wasteland when everywhere we turn there seem more and more reasons to drop down into the mire of Fear?

With Faith.

Faith is the opposite side of this mystery called Life. Faith calls on us to believe in our higher purpose, to trust The Universe and Her Plan. To see the path we walk and the journey of our lives — even the uphills and rocky patches — as a whole. And to walk it all without Fear. To place each footfall steadily — knowing we are not “at the mercy of whatever misfortunes come”.

Fear loves to isolate us. But the truth is this. We are not alone. We have never been alone. Ironically — we are united with our Fear. If we would just take a moment to understand this — we could lean into Faith. We could sense The Universe’s hand showing us the way through the Darkness. To each other. Away from misfortune. To our Real Selves. Away from Fear.

For in The History of our lives, of our communities, of our country — we have been most united when we have faced great adversity. When we have reached out together in Love, Compassion, and Support of one another. We have stood together arm in arm and held each other up so that Fear had no place to land among us and misfortune sought easier prey.

Today, if even for just a few moments — find in your heart — Faith to remember this.