Fitting In To Fitting In

The New Collectors Book

Everyday the media drown us in
war, famine, disease, and sexual mayhem.
There is a worldwide conspiracy
to smother us with omnipresent fear.
Our sodden schools churn out ninnies
afraid of any nonconforming thought.
Them terrorists lurk everywhere.
Cigarettes are a social disease;
we must not become addicted lepers.
Sexual predators stalk every workplace.
Another rape occurs every nanosecond.
Pot clearly leads to heroin and prison.
Any food that tastes good is poison.
Unmarried fucking leads to AIDS
divorce, ruin, and STDs.
Thinking for yourself is a delusion.
We flee the joyous danger of living
for the bland safety of consumerism.
Rules and regulations define us.
When we die, all that can be said is:
He knew how to color inside the lines
and avoid the pit of creative thought.
A fitting epitaph for an android.

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