I Dreamt of Her

A poem.

Photo by Meg Sanchez on Unsplash

the three of us were on a plane
and then the plane turned into a bus
funny how that happens in dreams

it was me, my sister, and my dog, naturally
we all sat together in a church pew
some sort of movie on a big screen playing in front of us

it was time for communion
my sister stood up to get in line
she handed me a buy one get one free coupon
apparently, payment was required here

I almost stood up too but I didn’t want to leave my pup
I told her, “Never mind, you go.”
she left, I stayed behind

then this older woman came and sat down next to me
she had a child with her, a little girl about one-year-old
the woman sat down right next to me and put her arm around me

I was confused for I did not know this woman
but I respect my elders so I did not say a word
I even put my arm on her leg to comfort her
I wanted to tell her that it was okay

she wore a large straw summer hat
but that was all I remembered about the way she looked
I was more concerned about my dog with the little girl
but they were fine, he sat calmly as she caressed his furry head

the older woman started speaking to me
I wish I remembered what she said but it’s too late now
it was only after I heard her voice that I knew it was her

she smiled at me, still with her arm around me
and she began to sing, just like she used to 
I think she wanted me to tell her that she was going to be okay
and she wanted to show me that she was still singing

Mi Abuelita doesn’t visit me in my dreams often, but when she does, it’s always beautiful. And she’s always smiling. How sweet of her to bring my mom’s twin sister along (she passed away at a year old from pneumonia).

(Writer’s note, 01/12/19. I shared this piece with my mother since it is about her own mother. My mother read the poem and asked where I found this picture of mi Abuelita because she had never seen it before. This random stock photo that I came across when searching for straw hats ended up looking so much like my grandmother that my mom thought it was actually her. I thought that was amazing and I wanted to share.)

© Jessica Lovejoy 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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