I see you Envy

Some thoughts on when Envy visits.

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

Is envy always 
the malign force lurking inside?
The one that’s been there 
ever since you were a child.

I first noticed mine 
through sibling rivalry.
When I didn’t have all the things 
I wanted but could see.

But now that I am much older
I see it everywhere 
causing much pain, 
consternation and despair.

Constantly whispering, 
don’t forget about me,
amplifying its existence 
in social and economic hierarchies.

You see envy is duplicitous 
and will forever stay.
As much as you suppress it.
It is part of the human way!

But that’s the negative reputation 
of envy you see.
There is another side 
that could help you and me.

Envy can be forged 
for a greater good.
Which is contradictory 
to the common notion of
a malicious servitude.

Envy tells us about who we are
who we admire, 
and watch from afar.

Envy tells us about what we want.
What we hold dear
and consider important.

Envy in its good form 
offers the seeds for motivation
to strive for better 
and pursue until we get.
But it only helps if absorbed lightly 
and you learn to forget.

So the next time you entertain Envy
Be sure to question which form.
Choose carefully how you sit with it.
It could be your making,
or cause such a storm!

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