Life, Death, and Valentine’s Day

Jk Mansi
Jk Mansi
Feb 14 · 3 min read

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime — Eminem

***Keep the rhythm of the beat on your feet or on the seat of your pants***

Where will you find me when I die?
Not In Memoriam at the Oscars fly!
No jammin’ beats with Eminem and
Lynn Manuel, oh hell, celebrities watch
green-haired girls singing Yesterday.
I won’t be in paper obits, what’s paper
they’ll say, as I come out to play in
my paper thin skin, as surely as we
all gotta begin!

Fred lay in the cold apartment yo
been dead there for a week or more
could even be ten or twelve days,
I don’t know. Nobody knows, nah
nobody cared. Somebody shoulda
missed a man in ten or twelve ways.
His wife remarried, his boys were gone
At least he wasn’t in a cardboard box

June lay supine next to her dead birds.
Nothing wrong was found but boney spurs
dressed in Sunday best, her hands all
twisted, in the kitchen they found her food
cans busted. the opener was jammed, knob
wouldn’t turn. she didn’t cook, she didn’t burn.
she couldn’t eat what she couldn’t reach,
but she could teach to not leave
an old woman alone.

A week before my Baji died, how
can no one have known she was
living a lie, alone in the house somehow.
The mailbox broke from the weight of the letters.
The mailman called the cops and his betters.
Cops hailed the doctors who ate at her table.
“She has no insurance, we are unable
to treat her as a patient, we can’t see her.”
Can you see her as human?

You’ll die like Baji, desti-tute and alone
said the man I had loved for many eons
when I dared to leave him for not loving
me. So soft your threat, so hardhearted
you be. Now if you’re reading this
(and I know that you are), I ain’t
wasting any time, not spending a dime,
to keep you in the loop of my deathbed

Now dear readers, I come to you
with existential questions to pursue.

Will you know when I am done?
How will you tell when I am gone?
Life is short but we don’t know it
fighting among ourselves we blow it.
All our arguments are Lilliputian
Which way we break our eggs is
the criterion. Wake up, wake up
it’s easy to say “Long may we live”
When we’re dying each day!

Happy New Year, hey!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Shamrock drool
Happy be an April fool
Happy showers, happy
flowers, Happy brides in
happy bowers. Happy
summer, happy fall
Happy scary candy high
Happy turkey, breast or thigh
Happy lighted indoor trees
Just a few hundred years
of happy calling it tradition.
Rounding out the 12 months
with happy paper sack wine.

Start over the next year, thence
go the days. the days are long
but the years, they fly!

Valentine’s Day. No more than
the beat of a false drum
Rum-Pum played louder.
Buy candy, get flowers
any day, any month
tell the one you adore
That Jareds and Kay’s
can settle their own score.
Celebrate love whenever you wish!!!

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Jk Mansi

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Jk Mansi

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