Life or Death

I don’t mean to brag, I have a great taste in men and I don’t know about you but I bet if you ever meet Death, you’ll fall for him just as hard as I did.

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” she smirked as Zia walked by again.

Death glared at her, “When will you quit following me?”

“Oh please! You’re the one following me,” Zia looked at him teasingly. “Name your poison, let me guess… is it The Godfather? Or ooh… I know!” she said as she sat on a stool next to him, a little too close for Death’s liking. “One Snakebite for my date please,” she ordered the bartender.

“You’re dating Life, I know him… he’s a good guy. He’ll keep you happy.”

“Happy is boring! Besides, you know that’s not serious right? I mean, you and I we’re meant to be,” Zia leaned in and whispered, “forever.”

Death couldn’t help but smile, “I got to go. Hope to never see you again.”

“I’ll come with, I’m very entertaining. I’ll keep you good company,” insisted Zia.

Life had warned Death to keep away from her and he was failing, she wouldn’t leave him alone. They were walking at the station, Death had to catch a train to Attadale. “You have to go, if Life sees me with you, he’ll…”

“Stop bringing him up. I don’t want to talk about him and since when is Death afraid of Life?”

“Zia, Death?” Life had appeared out of nowhere. So annoying. “Didn’t I tell you to stay away from her?” Life asked Death.

But before death could respond, Zia jumped right on the tracks waiting to meet the train that was scheduled on time. She stood there, smiling with open arms, “save me?”