Meltdown Days

Meltdown Days

And sell them down the river

To a Cajun shanty resting on the swamp knees of mangroves

Where are the miracles yells

Old woman time shakes the coins in her hair

And throws bones on porch boards

Ain’t no coming back from tomorrow

This is all you got

You get one time down the river

Before the angels hoist you up

The yardarms of the gospel ship and sail you up to heaven

Where is the love yells

Grandfather Jazz old black knuckles

Moon ripples on the bayou’s cool

Lace made of cream

Poured out of Gravity’s dance

With his memories of old French pirates

Keeping time in a rocking chair that says

Here and here and here and here

How do you keep them cries

Little girl cornrows and smiling

Dwarf star eyed and historied so that she’ll have

Time for them

When they get here

Before then

And after that

Time for them time

To get out the glass jars

And can them