Erik didn’t like answering door bells as every ring meant, “Not again,” he sighed, “Dad, we’ve got another one of these.”

Dad stepped into the living room as carefully as he could. “We’re only one short of a hundred now,” said Dad knotting his tie.

“We have to do something about this… ahchoo” followed by a sneeze, Erik’s face went stupid.

“You know I’m trying my best. If I don’t hear from the authorities today, I’ll ask those rescuers to haul them away.” He grabbed his phone and keys from the dining table, “Don’t stay up too late you two and don’t trouble your babysitter too much,” Dad said as he rushed out the door.

“Find me, find me,” squealed Ari, Erik’s baby sister. She was the only one who didn’t mind swimming among the cats. She loved playing hide and seek and nowadays Ari would just hide under a big pile of cats. The cats seemed to love her too, they swarmed around her like paparazzi gather around a celebrity. Erik played along even though he was allergic to cats, he loved to hear Ari’s giggles.

“Found you!” exclaimed Eric as he picked her up from among the clowder. Ari giggled at him, her green eyes glittered in the dark. Erik stared at her stunned. He placed her on the couch and dialled his Dad. “Dad, Dad…”

“What’s the matter Erik, you sound worried…”

“Didn’t Ari use to have brown eyes?”

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