Morning Rituals

Ayala checked her watch. It was 8:45 in the morning and Diane still hasn’t come.

That was Ayala’s game. From her position at the reception desk, she could see everyone coming into the office. Some people would say hi to her, some chat for a few minutes, some just pass her by without even acknowledging her existence. Diane was from the latter group. Then, Diane usually didn’t acknowledge most people, including her own reports.

Here she was coming, 8:50. 5 minutes later than usual. She ignored Ayala, ignored everyone who was not important. She stopped at the water fountain, she always picked her water the first thing in the morning. She slipped the first, then the second cup, and left them on the shelf. They always got disposed of. After all, Ayala kept the reception area tidy and most people simply cleaned after themselves.

Diane then filled the third cup with water and sipped it. This was Diane’s morning ritual.

Then she left the cup next to the others and entered the office, ready to terrorise anyone she could find.

Ayala smiled. For the fourth time this week, Diane took the cup Ayala carefully spat in. This was Ayala’s morning ritual.