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The Junction

Musings from Zanzibar

Personal Journal and Photographs, Day 9

A day in the forest.
I loved the ominous green lighting in the bathroom of the new room.
Stop looking at me, swan.
That is the smallest frog I’ve ever seen. He was no bigger than my pinkie nail.
You can be damn sure if there are shrooms I’m gonna be taking pics of them.
Can you spot the monkey on the right?
These guys were fearless but also agile and fleet-footed.
Coconuts and monkeys
Behind me was the captain and the driver. Neither had ever seen the mangrove forest before so they were taking a lot of selfies to post on Facebook.
Mangrove trees grow in brackish waters with their roots sticking out of the mud.
Left: mangrove seedlings.
Left: a mangrove seed. Right: a small market outside the national park. I ate a coconut.



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