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source: Y&R agency, Milan

by Joe Váradi

ㅤ ㅤself-indulgence
ㅤ ㅤinward judgments

ㅤ ㅤ-afflicted
ㅤ ㅤthought-restricted

ㅤ ㅤregion-rooted
cares of greater good
ㅤ ㅤexcluded

self-centered and
ㅤ ㅤill-reputed
ㅤ ㅤpolluted

named and practiced
ㅤ ㅤby the old Greeks
ㅤ ㅤHindu beliefs

eyes — the windows
ㅤ ㅤto the soul
opt instead for
ㅤ ㅤthe peephole

just me and my
ㅤ ㅤbellybutton
we are busy …
ㅤ ㅤplease — don’t butt in!

thanks for planting the seed of this idea, Stephen. written in Mary’s signature 4x4 style.




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Joe Váradi

Joe Váradi

Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"

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