It’s not just about the wait, but a whole lot more.

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

Described by some as the most benevolent of virtues.
I am always nearby to help and support.
I reward you if you have done the groundwork,
And will remind you when you have not.

I am the 3rd P with my older siblings Passion and Persistence. 
Bringing it all together to give you success!

But sometimes I am forgotten, discarded and lost,
By people looking for shortcuts, 
and believing they know best.

So to those who have forgotten. 
Let me remind you.
I am the gatekeeper,
to where you will find my cousin Perfection.

If you ask for me and trust in the process,
I will walk side by side with you
and grant you a pass.

For we are all born from the same mother of potential
It’s my duty to assist you with any task.

So I say this to all my would be followers.
I can grant you the power to understand.
That better things happen at the right time.
So be true to my name, Patience, 
and great power and strength you will find.

Thanks for reading