The Junction
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The Junction

Power Plays

Photo by Nikita Vashchenko, Unsplash

My light skinned tattoos drown in high waisted shorts
I’m fearless, ready to take over the world
I believe in my vision

I feel
Blue trees
Red oceans
Purple soil
Forest green sun
Pale hummingbirds
Jack-O-Lanterns in July
Secret Santa in March

My truth is my power.

I will
Disco on the moon with no suit
Eat salted algae from the plastic oceans
Catch a firefly with no lantern

I’m defeated, but not in disbelief
I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors;
Inner Critic will join me.

Chin to the sky
Skeptic smile
Wolf feeder
Soul Eater

I meditate to silence constant two questions
Why does Inner Critic thrive on pain?
Why do I enjoy chaos?

Inner Critic loves a power play
I’ll mirror the grin,
Muse graciously on a double take.



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