Project Fifty-Five

A personal poetic journey through West Virginia’s 55 counties

Fifty five. That’s the maximum speed limit on most two-lane roads in West Virginia. It’s also the number of counties within the state’s boundaries.

Project Fifty-Five is a collection of deeply personal, no-holds-barred poems written by yours truly. It’s the outcome of my experiential journey through West Virginia’s fifty-five counties. In this project, I aim to take a expressive, wholehearted personal examination of my life and the lives of others close to me — one poetic snippet at a time.

I hope you’ll take this poetic journey with me. In doing so, I hope that you, too, will see that life offers much beauty among the briers. May this passage inspire you in thought, challenge you in your preconceived perceptions, and propel you to one day make a poetic journey on your own.

— Michael

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