“Will you sign with your blood, little Snowflake?” Said the first voice.

“I don’t want to die so young, it’s not my time yet,” she whispered.

“Everyone dies when it’s their time, not sooner, not later.” Second voice added.

“But, I am too young…” she repeated.

“Noone is too young to die. Everyone can die as soon as they are born for that is the order of the world.” The third said.

“That’s not fair.”

“Fair? What is fair? That is the order of the world.” The second voice stated. So many voices, yet she was nowhere near where she wanted to be.

“Will you sign with your blood, then?” The first voice asked again.

“And then you will grant me my wish?”

“Yes, if you sign with your blood, we will grant you your wish.”

“No matter how foolish it is.” She lost track of which voice said that, which one was it that needed to tell her.

“Then I will sign with my blood.”

“Then you will sign with your blood.” All three voices repeated. As if she could change her mind. As if she had any other option.

And then… silence.

“So, little Snowflake, will you sign with your blood?”

She tried, tried so hard.

“With your blood, little Snowflake.”

She started to cry but no tears came, just water. There was no blood, no tears, just water. And then she melted in her tears, nothing more than a few drops of water.

“Goodbye, little Snowflake, sweet dreams until the next time.”