Warrant for a Witch

Report: November 13th, 2017, 11:38PM

Hazel Maureen Swellton, female, Caucasian, approximately 31 years of age, 5'9" tall, 170 lbs., chest-length red hair, slight build, hazel eyes, tattoo on right bicep, blue crescent moon and constellation, cursive script below reads “Scorpio.”

Loft apartment above commercial space of “Witch’s Brew Tavern,” 1301 New Hampshire Street, Tate County, MO, gray-shingled two-story building, approximately 80 years old, wrought iron fence surrounding the structure, narrow iron stairwell leads to a green front door on the side of the house, faded gold lion’s head door-knocker.

Illicit items of a magical nature, including: grimoires, tarot cards, toadstools and any derivatives thereof, graveyard dirt, black candles, chicken bones and innards, mandrake, coffin nails, other components commonly used for the purposes of forbidden incantations and rituals, and the person of Hazel Swellton, along with any other persons found at the residence. Trafficking in magical malpractice in violation of Section 43x30 Missouri Regional Code.

I, Inquisitor Adrian Hardesty, am a 10 year veteran of the Kinsley, Missouri Magical Enforcement Tactical Police, currently assigned to the Components Division. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and am a fourth-tier neuromancer. I trained in the identification and neutralization of nefarious spell components at the Missouri Bureau of Criminal Spellcraft and have made arrests in 253 cases involving the illegal utilization of spells and rituals, including: summoning rituals, common hexes, and necromancy.

I have reason to believe that Hazel Swellton and potential co-conspirators are in possession — with the intention of utilizing — the aforementioned illicit components. Neighbors have reported screaming, moaning, chanting, and a constant smell of brimstone originating from the loft apartment. Within the past forty-eight hours, I visited the Witch’s Brew Tavern at approximately 3 AM and can confirm said reports.

Being that this is a situation of considerable risk, I strongly advise mid-day inspection and use of no-knock entry.